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Why Donate With Elevate?

Donor #2002

Donor #2002

Why donate through Elevate?

There are many programs and egg donor agencies in existence. Many of them were started by teams who have 1) never had to search for a donor to build a family and 2) have never donated themselves.

Our team at Elevate are not only parents through the precious eggs of a donor, but members of our staff have also donated multiple times to families. We know exactly what you can expect during your cycle and we can care for you as if this was our own journey, because at one point we were in your shoes.

Aside from personal care for you and your ovaries, we also take extra steps to make this a worthwhile and satisfying experience for you. Here are a few other reasons you should choose us:

  • Our intended parents are established, successful, loving, kind, spiritual families that can’t conceive on their own. From Olympic gold medalists to patent creators in the field of technology, very special sets of intended parents come to Elevate to find an Elevated egg donor that fits their family mold genetically. We screen our intended parents like we do our donors. This gives you peace of mind that the family you are offering your genetic material to is of sound mind and will be an incredible parent to a child that may result from the donation. They are able to offer the child every opportunity under the sun for their life on earth.

  • We are Members of the ASRM and the Seeds Union of Ethics. We were accepted into the American Society of Reproductive Medicine based on our contributions in IVF medicine. We are constantly in touch with ASRM as we learn and study the process of egg donation. Ovary care, IVF technology, hormone treatment and other aspects of your cycle are subjects are experts on.

  • Our compensation rates are the highest in the world of egg donation. You deserve to be compensated for this unique gift you are offering another person. Because our team has been on one side of egg donation or another, we know the commitment this requires and work hard to get your compensation to a place that helps you on your own life journey as well. While following the ASRM guidelines, we are still able to get our donors the best rates for their cycles.

  • Our care during your cycle is incomparable. You are not a moving part to us. You are a woman who is offering a part of yourself to someone in need. We take care of you in a way that other programs aren’t able to do because they bring on hundreds of donors as their acceptance rate is so high. Other programs may not offer you the time that we can or check in on you daily and or ensure your hotel is to your liking. We make your cycle a customized, tailored, cared-for journey that will make you comfortable and secure through every step of your cycle.

  • Insurance Policy coverage is an important part of egg donation. We utilize one of the best complication insurance programs in the world. We use a policy that surroundings the time in which you donate. Our health coverage comes from Lloy’s of London.

  • Our partner clinics are the top rated clinics in the world. We have partner clinics that we send our donors to that because we know they will receive amazing care during their cycle. If an intended parent wants to work with another clinic, we do our research and ensure that the clinic hasn’t had recent cases of hyper stimulation (OHSS) and that the team has great care protocols in place for you and your body.