Egg Donor Agency

The Process

1. If your egg donor application is a fit for the agency and passes the standard requirements, you will receive a phone call to schedule a further in-depth interview. This can be done in person, via Skype, or FaceTime. You will be asked to fill out a more complete questionnarie so we can help you find the perfect match.

2. Based on the quality of photos you have, we may ask you to meet with one of our chosen photographers around the nation, who will take photos of your gorgeous self.

3. Then, your egg donor profile will be posted on our private, secure, encrypted and password protected database that only intended parents can see. You may be matched in a month or in a ten months.

3. When you're selected and both parties (you and the recipients) have confirmed, you'll start the medical screening process at a fertility clinic that you and the intended parents and you will decide on. You should be open to travel (all expenses paid).

4. You'll fill out lots of fun paperwork and contracts that state the agreement you and your intended parents have made (anonymous, semi-open, open). 

4. Once cleared, you'll begin hormone medication when appropriate in the set timeline leading up to the egg retrieval. The whole process from screening to the actual egg retrieval takes about two months. However, you'll only be stimulated for about nine days before the retrieval, which is when you'll have most of your appointments. These hormones are FDA approved, and egg donation is an incredibly safe process. Remember, this process can be as anonymous as you'd like it to be. 

5. You'll go in for your egg retrieval, and then leave that same day. After a day of rest, you should be back to your normal activities. 

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