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International Donor Policy

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This increased fee allows us to facilitate travel visas and international travel, international wiring fees, translation services for psychological and genetic evaluations, doctor’s appointments and legal counsel. It also includes the local pick up and care services for the Donor while she is staying in California. This fee offers cycle management and detialed donor care and dosage administration while on the hormone treatment.


With these policies it is our goal to reduce travel and miscellaneous costs as much as possible, thereby making the process of utilizing an International Donor comparable to the cost of using a Domestic Donor. Domestic donors are entitled to bring a companion with them for their retrieval trip. We eliminate this for internationald donors as they perform their donation close to our office and we can care for them. This creates a substantial savings as you will not be purchasing flights or spending on per diem/Uber stipends for your donor’s companion.

International Donors are not permitted to bring a travel companion with them for their cycle (except in rare cases or if the intended parents want her to do so). Securing international flights, and visas for companions, along with extended periods of per diems for companions can save thousands of dollars.

Furthermore, International Donors must stay in the U.S. for the entire length of their stimulation period. This is because we cannot ship fertility medications to foreign countries and have the donors begin injections at home. We do our best to find economical hotels ofr the 10-12 day stay. We make sure the donor is comfortable and has a refrigerator while using the funds wisely.

Since companions are required by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine following an egg retrieval, International Donors must cycle close to the Elevate Egg Donor Agency main office in West Hollywood, CA in order for us to act as a companion. We are able to pick the donors up from their retreival and being under anesthesia and get them safely back to their hotel.

There is a choice between two clinics, with our preference being as follows:

  1. Dr. Sahakian at Pacific Fertility Center of Los Angeles

  2. Dr. Ringler at California Fertility Partners

These physicians have consistenyl provided excellent care to our international donors and the intended parents cycling with them. They make the process easy for all parties while providing excellent results. They also have teams full of nurse coordinators who speak multiple languages, making it easy for the donor to understand her protocol and treatment plan.

We do not advise you to bring an internatinoal donor to a clinic outside of Los Angeles. However, if there is no other option then you are free to use any clinic outside of the Los Angeles area, but please be aware that travel fees will increase substantially as the donor will need a full-time companion while in the States during her stimulation and retrieval period. There will also be an increased cost in translation service fees in some markets.

Please be aware that some International Donors will have traveled through or lived in an area that may have a Zika risk as reported by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Protection). This will require a conversation with your physician to understand and asses risk and perhaps require signing a Zika waiver. Please check the CDC map in terms of zika risk by clicking HERE.

The donor may need to fly to the U.S. for her one day donor evaluation, meet and greet, bloodwork and genetic testing at your local clinic before she comes for her retrieval stay. Otherwise, we will work with your physician and care team to have the Donor evaluated locally to avoid the first trip out. We do our best, always, to make sure that every cent spent in your journey is one that is necessary. We know that the process can be overwhelming.

PLEASE NOTE: Our IVF Complication Insurance coverage does certainly extend to International Donors donating in the United States.