Egg Donor Agency


What are the risks?
The primary risk we watch for is Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation (OHSS). However, this is extremely rare as careful monitoring is done by a fertility doctor throughout the course of the donation process. Some women note weight gain and signifigant bloating. When you do your screening with a fertility specialist, you can inqure about every single risk or potential side effect of the hormone medications and the procedures you'll undergo. You can also click here for more information. 

Will it affect my own ability to have children?

No. Absolutely not. An average female has around 400,000 follicles (and eggs) by the time she hits her teenage years (puberty). From those eggs, only 400 will reach mature levels that are ovulated. That means that hundreds of thousands of your eggs will go unused. Through the process of stimulation, more eggs will be devloped at a time. However, those are eggs that would otherwise be destroyed. Hence, your normal amount of ovarian follices is not lowered by any means because of egg donation.

How long will the entire process take?

Once an egg donor has begun her cycle (after the required screenings), the process is quick. The entire process usually takes around 6 weeks. Of course, getting selected or matched may take months. 

What are my costs?

Zero. You will be reimbursed for every detail, including gas and parking for appointments. The intended parents are the ones who are responsible for paying for all of your donor costs. This includes medical, insurance, travel expenses and attorney fees. 

What about birth control?

It's okay to be on birth control pills or to be using other types of contraceptives like an IUD or a Nuvo Ring. However, if you are using Depo-Provera Injections, we can not accept you as an egg donor. When you begin your medication before the egg retrieval you can only take what's perscribed by the doctor. You will be given in depth instructions on how to do so.

Are the medications safe for me?

100%. These medications taken for fertility and egg donation are used all over the world by millions of women who are donating their eggs. There has been extensive testing and many studies on the safety thereof, and they are approved by the FDA. As each person is different, there will be a varying degree of side effects. 

Do I have to have surgery?

No. Egg retrieval is a non-invaisve, vaginal retrieval. You will not be cut open in any way. For your own comfort, the doctor will give you sedatives. You will need a companion to take your home when your retrieval is over, as you won't be able to drive right away. 

What is will my compensation be?

For everything related to being compensated for your generous act, click here.