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Donor #1111


Educational Level: University 

Degree: Bachelor's Degree in Germanic Linguistics and Literature

Major: Linguistics

What are your career goals? To continue my education and study for my PhD in Philosophy to become a professor and teach in Germany.

ACT/SAT: In my country i had 9.72 (1-10 system where 10 is an A) I took English, Organic Chemistry, History and Romanian tests. 

High School GPA: 4.7

Anything special you would like to tell? My goal, in 5 years is to learn four more languages (Dutch, French Latin and Portuguese) and to travel the world to connect deeper with the locals and their traditions.



Date of Birth: : 01/21/1995

Height: 5.5

Pathernal Ethnic Origin: Moldovian

Maternal Ethnic Origin: Russian/Moldovian 

Hair Color : Brunette

Skin Type : White

Education Level : Degree in Linguistics

Other Academic Achievements: Former Medical Student

Have you donated before?: No

Are you taking any medications? If so, which ones? : No

Are there any serious illnesses in your family? : No

Is there any history of mental illness in your family? : No

Have you had any surgeries?: No



About HER

My biggest passions are sports and studying. I love to combine them as I learn so much better after I train. 

I value my friends and my husband. They make a huge difference in my life.

What is one thing you've done in life that you are the most proud of? I'm immensely proud of the title given by my university- Student of the year in 2016.

Favorite book: Meditations, Marcus Aurelius, Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

Favorite School Subject: Biology

Favorite event: concerts, dance festivals, sport festivals and competitions.

Life Motto: Every moment of your life offers the chance to spot mediocrity or the opportunity to rise to mastery.

Books I'm currently reading: Shortcuts to mindfulness by Catherine Auman, Alan Watts- In my own Way

Places I would travel: Mt Kailash (Tibet), Camino de Santiago (Spain), India to the Golden Temple and of course Greece to see the Athos Mountain.

Why do you want to become an egg donor: I've wanted that ever since I've heared there is such a thing. I know how important it is to have a family. And a family is not yet a family without a child. My youngest brother is six years old now and I know how his presence has changed the relationship between all the family members. A miracle happens when the members of the family deeply love and care for one of the smallest and they have this beautiful, bounding experience together. It strengthens the relationship, makes them want to come home, motivates them to work, to grow, to love, to be less selfish and more generous. I want this to be my contribution to the world and to those good people who have the virtuous desire to take care and love a little cute human being. 

If you could tell the intended parents who choose you one thing, what would it be? I have never had children so I can't be purely objective or give any advice. But I have two younger brothers that I love enormously and have cared for the whole time through childhood up until now, when the oldest one who began his first job, while studying at the university. And  the one thing I have to say is that having children around gives you way more happiness than any other thing in the world. And it is more of a benefit for the parent than it is for the child, because children are put in this world to remind us that we were born to help and care for each other, not for money, not for gratification, not for fame or honor ,but as it is in the case of a child, for nothing else but love.'

Why do you want to become a donor? I always wanted to be a help for this world and make it a little bit happier. When I was 6, I made small cards with my name and number with "Call Me For Help" on it so people would know there was someone who could be there for them during tough times. The most important value in my life is my family. I love them and I would do anything for them to be happy. And this is why I think everyone has the right and the privilege to create a family in order to grow and live happily. Without them I wouldn't be the same person. Family changes you and makes you a better person.

Hobbies I enjoy: jogging, yoga, fitness, swimming, painting, reading, dancing, learning new languages.

Special Talents: good communication skills, leader skills, painting, dancing, comprehending abstract notions regarding philosophy, psychology and linguistic skills.

How many drinks do you have a week? None

Do you smoke? No

What would you consider to be your greatest strengths?

 1.Strong power of will, determination and discipline. 

 2. Very good at presenting arguments in a debate as well as deep analysis.

 3. My deep connection with my family.