Egg Donor Agency

Donor #1108

Ethnicity : Asian

Maternal Ethnic Origin: Taiwanese

Paternal Ethnic Origin: Taiwanese

Date of Birth: : 03/30/91

Height: 5’4

Hair Color : Black

Skin Type : Fair

Education Level : Bachelors degree

Other Academic Achievements: Violin, piano, ballet, and currently working on a series 7 license

Have you donated before?: No

Are you taking any medications? If so, which ones? : No

Are there any serious illnesses in your family? : No

Is there any history of mental illness in your family? : No

Have you had any surgeries?: No

about Her

Donor #1108 is one the most intelligent women I have ever met. She is mature and demure. She is informative and smart. She is beautiful and has an essence about her that is difficult to describe. She holds a major position at a reputable tech company She is a former ballerina and excels at both the violin and the classical piano. Her schooling and test scores are remarkable. She is continually persuing further degrees and bettering herself. She is trim, think, and very fit.