Egg Donor Agency


At Elevate Egg Donor Agency we choose donors whose first priority is the unforgettable life experience of helping someone build a family they couldn't otherwise. The compesation they receive is for their time, efforts, and some of the discomfort that can be associated with the donation process.

Elevate offers some of the highest compesation rates in the egg donation business, with further premiums based on qualifcations or multiple donation cycles. 


How much will I be compensated for donating my eggs?

Compensation for first time egg donors is between $8,500 and $10,000. This will increase with further donation cycles. While we don't set a top price, we do try to maintain matching and compensation in an ethical fashion. Being a proven donor (having previously donated and resulted in a child), or having high educational levels or SAT/ACT scores can sometimes boost compensation rates. Things like ancestry lines and personal accomplishments also can have an effect on egg donor compensation.  

How do you match intended parents with donors?

To start, we have candid conversations and find out exactly what the couple is looking for. We then take a look at our healthy roster and offer a few suggestions that we see as a fit. We screen the family as much as we screen our egg donors.  We interview parents much like we do our egg donors. We take everything into consideration from lifestyle to personality, and then make suggestions.

Why choose you?

Egg donation is not about selling your eggs. It's about doing something for another that they can not do for themselves. You are giving the most precious gift of all, the gift of life to a family who is desperately trying to have children. Because of this, we treat our donors like the altruistic, female empowered Queens we believe they are. We believe your act is of the most generous form. We do our best to make sure your emotional, time, and physical commitment are met with an equally substantial financial reward. We are an agency here to represent you. Our interests lie in protecting you and making sure your process is a rewarding and comfortable. We are here to ensure you are treated more than well as you go through this exciting process.

Furthermore, we are here to make sure you are taken care of medically. We partner with only the best clinics in the world for your egg donation process. We will only encourage you to work with doctors that have proven to only adminster the right amounts of hormonal medication. We partner with clinics that take the best care of our donors both before and after egg donor retrieval. We are your advocate during the process. We are with you in every step of the way. Also, we like to enjoy ourselves while we do it.