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Essays on the process of conceiving through IVF treatment and egg donation. Holding our heads, hearts and words together with passion and in hopes that parents can expand their families through Elevate.

Compensation Nation: All About Egg Donor Pay

Egg donor pay has some controversy around it. Should egg donors with more desirable physical traits or higher test scores be compensated more? The ASRM guidelines are that donors should not compensated more than $10,000. 

However, egg donor compensation pay is still an open market. Some years ago, the legal system tried to regulate how much an egg donor can be paid for performing an egg donation. The egg donors unified and came back stating that no legal system can dictate how much they are compensated for offering their eggs to another couple. 

And the egg donors won. Because girl power.

The truth is, intended parents want to compensate you for the ultimate gift you are offering them. This is their way of giving back to you in hopes that this monetary amount also helps you on your own journey in life. 

Here’s an in-depth look at why compensation is necessary for an egg donor:

Part Timer

Becoming an egg donor will require part of your time. Most donors find that the time commitment is only more intense surrounding the few days around the actual egg retrieval. 

Initially you’ll undergo a psychological evaluation and a genetic assessment. These are your ticket items in to meet your wonderful IVF physician. The first meet and greet is just a one day trip to have ultrasounds performed on your ovaries and have some blood work done.

When medications are shipped to your home, you’ll start them there. The doctor will bring you close tot he clinic to monitor your for the days surrounding your retrieval. Egg donor pay is in large part to compensate you for the time you are offering to your intended parent.

This helps make up for lost work wages too. A donor deserves egg donor pay as she invests part of her time in her match.

A Bit of Commit(ment)

Egg donation is not for women with commitment issues. Donors have to be fully committed and show complete follow through once they are matched. Donors who pull out at the last minute or after intended parents have spent thousands of dollars on their evaluations and blood work can create some substantial emotional and financial stress on a couple going through IVF. 

Your egg donor pay is partly to compensate you for your commitment to the process which is invaluable. It is a gift given you in return for showing up to each appointment, evaluation, and committing your heart to helping someone fulfill their dream of building a little family. 

The Travel Channel

Many donors will need to travel to the IVF clinic that the intended parents have chosen. At Elevate, we only partner with the best IVF clinics and doctors in the nation. We carefully select and choose those with great protocols for caring for an egg donor’s health. 

Because some of the best clinics are located in different parts of the country, it sometimes requires some travel for the donor. Many egg donors see this as an exciting part of their journey. You are entitled to a companion, flights, a lovely hotel, and per diem for you and your guest as you stay close to your IVF doctor so they can monitor you religiously and care for you.

Your egg donor pay goes to cover an inconvenience having to travel away from your home sweet home may cause. But we also hope you have some good meals out in a great city, and enjoy your stay!

Generous Genetics

The truth is, not everyone feels excited about parting with their genes and donating them to others. Those women who do so are truly selfless, giving, beautiful souls who deserve fantastic egg donor pay. 

As you give some of yourself away to assist those who can’t conceive on their own, you will find it to be one of the most fulfilling things you can do for another. Egg donation is the ultimate gift. You are compensated with egg donor pay because of your willingness to be so generous with your genetics. 

Body Beautiful 

In egg donation, you will self administer (with the help of an expert nurse) small injectable hormones that are naturally occurring in your body. These are in amplified amounts to stimulate your resting follicles so your ovaries create more than one egg at a time.

Every clinical study has shown that egg donation is a safe and healthy process. The hormones are all FDA approved. Furthermore, at Elevate we have never had a donor experience hyper stimulation (the most common risk in donating). We partner with great establishments who care for you as well as we do.

However, there will be times that you are perhaps a little uncomfortable or feel some bloating. You will be asking your physical self to do something that it has not before. While 99% of donors experience little to no side affects, you are still committing your body to the process and should be compensated for doing so. 

We Believe in Elevated Egg Donor Pay

At Elevate Egg Donor Agency, we believe in egg donor pay. We believe any woman who is willing to donate to a family in need should be compensated for her time, commitment, flexibility with travel and her psychical offering during her cycle.

We work hard to ensure you are satisfied with the gift you’re given in return from your lovely intended parents. While we know it is not your reason for donating, it is certainly a wonderful aspect of egg donation.

It’s the big “THANK YOU!” from those whose lives you will have changed forever. We support egg donor compensation and during an in-depth discussion with you, we will decide on what you’d like your egg donor pay to be. 

When you’re ready to change a life and give the ultimate gift, click here to schedule a consultation with us.

All About Egg Donation

Elevate Egg donors are generous, altruistic, bright, healthy women who have the desire to help couples who can’t conceive on their own. These incredible women are giving a gift to someone that is incomparable. Donors are selfless women who are willing to part with a little of their genetic material to assist someone’s dream to be a parent. 

But what are the qualifications and what can you expect in regards to the treatment during your cycle? With so much information online, it can be tricky to navigate through the good, the bad, and the confusing. 

If you’re considering donating your eggs, but aren’t sure where to start- then we’ve got the guide for you. From what qualifications are necessary to what kind of timeline you can expect, here are some key elements of egg donation:

  1. Qualifications for Egg Donation

At Elevate, our donors are rigorously screened and highly vetted. This means a few things for women interested egg donation. To qualify for egg donation, you should be between 20-30 and have a health body mass index. 

Donors should have a good health history with no major outstanding health issues in their family history. A donor should be mentally sharp with no signs of psychological damage or depression. 

Donors at Elevate are educated, or are actively pursuing an education. We love an egg donor who is driven and intelligent. You don’t have to have attended and ivy league school, but we do prize hard work, great test scores and ambitious young women.

2. Compensation Nation

For the amazing gift you are offering another human, you should be given a gift in return. The best way intended parents can show their appreciate for your egg donation is by compensating you.

You should feel fantastic about receiving compensation for your physical, emotional, and time commitment the couple and this process. At Elevate, we do our best to ensure our donors are compensated at a healthy rate that ideally helps them in their own path in this life. 

Regardless of what you may need to use the money for, we hope it assists you in getting to where you want to be in life. Some donors use the compensation to pay down student debt or loans, while others take some of the compensation to go on a fancy-free vacation. 

3. Fully Committed 

Egg donation requires commitment. If you decide to become a donor and are accepted into the Elevate program, it is important that you follow through with your offer to help a couple in need.

As you being down the road to egg donation, the intended parents will be investing in you substantially. From flights, hotels, blood work and doctors appointments, they will be spending ample amounts to screen you and ensure you’re good to go.

It is important that as they put their trust in you, you come through for them and fulfill your side of the agreement. If you have any concerns about your willingness to complete a cycle, then becoming an egg donor may not be for you.

4. Ready, Jet-Set, GO!

Some donors wish to stay local to their hometowns and find place that is easy and convenient for them to donate.  This is absolutely doable in many cases. However, many intended parents are already working with fantastic, top of the line fertility clinics on either the west or wast coast. 

If you have some flexibility in your schedule, we can match you with a wonderful set of intended parents who are receiving IVF treatment in a beautiful location. We pay for flights, a lovely hotel, per diem, and Ubers for you and your companion to go stay near the clinic during the time of your donation. 

This makes egg donation an enjoyable venture that can also be a lot of fun. From San Diego and San Francisco to Miami or New York and Chicago, you can get to know an amazing city and eat out plenty while you perform this generous act. 

5. The Treatment

Aside from consistent love, care, and TLC from our team at Elevate and the intended parents you are matched with, you will also undergo hormone treatment. Eggs donors under go nine days of injectable hormones, followed by an actual egg retrieval on the ninth day of treatment. 

IVF treatment for donors usually calls for a combination of three different hormones to stimulate your resting follicles. Every woman has resting follicles in her ovaries that are capable of producing eggs. The art of egg donation is stimulating those follicles at once for a retrieval of said eggs.

Depending on your clinic, a mix of naturally occurring hormones in your body are administered in various amounts. We partner with clinics that not only error on the side of the lowest stimulation possible for the ultimate care of your ovaries, we also don’t use clinics with high rates of over stimulating donors. 

6.  Retrieval Ready 

The retrieval turns out to be one of the easiest aspects of donating your eggs. Elevate donors have stated that the retrieval was much less involved and serious than they thought it would be. The retrieval lasts about an hour, and involved light anesthesia.

Your doctor uses a tiny tube to aspirate your ovaries and retrieve the eggs your amazing body has grown. After your retrieval you may want some downtime or some R&R. You can go at your own speed, and then take yourself out to dinner that night and reward yourself for your selfless service. 

Elevating Your  Donor Experience

At Elevate, we will be with you every step of the way. Our team offers highly responsive, customized care for your journey as a donor. We will build your process around you. We want to ensure you also get great satisfaction and joy out of your experience.

The intended parents who utilize Elevate are truly amazing humans and couples. They are established, smart, sound, loving people who just want to have a child. They are turning to IVF treatment and to you to help them on their way. 

If you’d like to experience the joy of egg donation and compensation through Elevate, contact us today for a consult with our donor specialist. 

Taylor Frey
Matchmaker Matchmaker: Finding the Right Egg Donor For Your Journey

When I first started my journey to becoming a parent through the beautiful (albeit sometimes challenging) process of IVF treatment, I was overwhelmed. We decided to find our egg donor first as we slowly navigated through unfamiliar waters.

To put it simply: finding a wonderful, generous, and ideally intelligent woman who is willing to part with some of her genetic material to help us build a family wasn’t easy. After viewing 3,500 egg donor profiles, we had found “the one”.

But what matters when looking for a donor? What should be considered and weighed heavily, and what doesn’t matter quite as much? After my own journey and years of helping others through theirs, I’ve created a guide on what I feel I most important when searching for the perfect fit:

1. Trust Your Instincts

You are going to happen upon profiles that don’t get you excited about this process. This has absolutely nothing to do with the lovely woman who is putting herself out there to help others in need. This has everything to do with you, your experience, and how you got here.

Pay special attention to how you feel upon reading an egg donor’s profile and viewing her photos. Does the profile get you excited about the process and creating new life? Or does it make you feel dubious and wonder if the potential child will even look like you guys?

As humans, we came into this world with God-given intuition and instincts. Follow them in this process. Trust your gut and let your heart guide you. I’ve seen it time and time again. Following your instincts will lead to where you are meant to be.

2. Cross Fit 

When on my own journey to find an egg donor, I wanted someone that reflected who my husband and I are. I wanted to hold a donor to the same standards I held myself to when choosing a spouse and creating a family. Perhaps that is too tall of an order, but I wanted her to somehow fit in the puzzle I had created for this life. Whether it was an energy, look, or mind union- I wanted to feel she seamlessly fit in with us.

Enlisting the help of a generous donor means considering everything you can about her. Answers are a big deal on a profile. We wanted to really get a view into who this awesome woman was and learn about why she was donating. Her photos were another big aspect in our search. In a process where you can choose certain physical traits, why not do so?

3. To Cool For Egg Donor School

The truth is, where the donor went to school isn’t as important. Nature vs. nurture is a very real thing and it’s important to keep that in mind during this process. What matters is they completed school or are actively engaged in pursing a degree.

Many donors are incredibly bright, and just because they didn’t go to an Ivy League school does not mean they couldn’t have if their circumstances were a little different.

What matters is what the egg donor is doing with her life and her studies. What does she plan to do in the future? Take a look and how she did on tests, sure. But don’t let that be the ultimate deciding factor in choosing a donor. 

4.  Let’s Get Physical 

There is no shame in wanting a donor with certain physical traits. Perhaps you have a lot of height in your family and you’d like a tall donor. Maybe your husband has brown eyes, but you have blue and would like to increase the chances of your child having blue eyes, too.

You are naturally going to respond to the appearance of some donors more than others. That’s okay. That doesn’t make you shallow. We all like pretty things. What’s beautiful about this life is that everyone’s opinion of what is beautiful is different.

Consider the health history of the donor, too. While the donor will ultimately undergo a substantial genetic assessment, if there are any red flags on her health history make sure and take them into consideration. 

Most donors will have something in their family history that isn’t perfect. Whether it be an aunt or a cousin that had a struggle, keep your mind in check and realize that doesn’t mean much for your own potential offspring. Our incredible genetic counselor can walk you through any of your doubts, too.

Happy Hunting

The hunt for the perfect egg will present its challenges. Finding the right genetic material for you and your journey will take some time, but ultimately will help you build a family. Be patient, take deep breaths, and go swiftly in the direction of a profile you respond to. 

Here at Elevate, we pride ourselves on a tailored, VIP experience throughout your journey. Contact us today with any inquiries on one of our lovely eggs donors or for information about the process.