Egg Donor Agency

Donor #1135

Ethnicity : Asian

Maternal Ethnic Origin: Korean

Paternal Ethnic Origin: Korean

Date of Birth: : 02/25/1994

Height: 5ft 3in

Hair Color : black

Skin Type : fair/medium

Education Level : bachelor's degree in linguistics/psych with a minor in chemistry.

Other Academic Achievements: currently studying for the MCAT to apply to medical schools

Have you donated before?: yes

Are there any serious illnesses in your family? : no

Is there any history of mental illness in your family? : no

Have you had any surgeries?: right wrist - TFCC repair



Spending time with her is a pleasure, as is conversing with her. She is brilliant and very accomplished in her studies. She is currently studying to go to medical school. She wants to be a doctor. She excels at the piano. She is of Korean descent and has an intellect like few others. She is lively, energetic, beautiful and active. She loves outdoors acitivites and spending time with her family.